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Carvel on the Hudson

Carvel on the Hudson

Carvel ice cream stand,

Carvel ice cream stand,

In the summer the Carvel stand in my home town of Croton-on-Hudson served as one of the main hangout for teenagers before they could drive. In those years we were cool but car less. I lived a 15 minute bike ride away from Carvel. As I road closer to the Carvel stand on my bike, a glowing light grew brighter and revealed droves of people eating ice cream cones, flying saucers (ice cream sandwiches), ice cream Sundays, root beer floats, and lots of flirting between boys and girls. That Carvel stand remains linked in my mine with my first interest in girls but the fear of talking to them and saying the wrong words. 


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Looking for "Ice Milk" in Grand Union

Looking for "Ice Milk" in Grand Union