What People Are Saying About  Start With Your Gift :

What People Are Saying About Start With Your Gift:

Start With Your Gift was terrific. I can’t stress enough how much I wish this book was in the hands of every high school and college age student, as well as their parents, coaches and mentors.
— Lisa Kokidko
Great read! I loved all the lacrosse anecdotes
— Alex Gray, Teacher and Coach, Cardigan Mountain School
Start With Your Gift will help improve our career services program. It’s a book to read well beyond the early stages of life’s journey. Well done!
— Andy Phillips, Cornell Lacrosse Alum and Manhasset Youth Lacrosse Volunteer
I like the comparison of your life’s journey to that of overhauling and realigning your car. This is a great read.
— Maura Rodino, Natick Parent