Gardening in the Antebellum South

Adam Hodgson writes in a travel account, “We visited the little dwellings of the Negroes. These generally grouped together round something like a farm – yard; and behind each of them was a little garden, which they cultivate on their own account,” he writes in Remarks During a Journey Through North America In the Years 1819, 1820, and 1821 in a Series of Letters.

Rhubarb and Poetry

Rhubarb, which some call the Pie Plant because people most often used it for pie filling, is indigenous to China where herbalist used it for its purgative qualities. Venetian traders introduced it to Southern Europe where rhubarb first appeared in an Italian garden in 1608. From there it spread to the rest of Europe. Rhubarb’s first reference as food, as tart and pie filling, dates back to 1778.