Casey Powell, Energy And Passion Separated Me From The Pack

Have you ever heard of SPEED LACROSSE? Host Fred Opie interviews Syracuse Lacrosse Alum and Hall of Famer Casey Powell. They talk about growing up in Carthage, New York and how lacrosse came to his community, how he, his brothers, and neighborhood kids created a winning lacrosse culture out of what they observed from upstate New York powerhouse West Genesee High School and attending Syracuse University lacrosse games during the era of the Gait brothers.

Tim Clark, What Happens When Athletes Love Lacrosse?

Host Fred Opie interviews Hobart and Henniger lacrosse alum Tim Clark who shares a remarkable story of how he and three others rookies played on the 1980 New York State Class A boys lacrosse championship team for Coach Tom Acee with just four months of lacrosse under their belts.

Fred Opie Talks About His New Book Start With Your Gift

I go solo to talk about the release of my new book Start with Your Gift. This is my first non-academic book that leverages my background as a former Syracuse University and US national team lacrosse player to tackle a contemporary problem: People are over paying for education and youth sports. Most people don’t know the right career path to take.  The book is a recipe book for those with . . . .



Bill Beroza, Hall of Famer and Israeli National Team Coach

Host Fred Opie speaks with Hall of Famer Bill Beroza. A Roanoke College All American Goalie and former US national team captain, a Hempstead, New York native, Beroza is the head lacrosse coach for the Israeli National Team. He talks about serving on the US national team selection committee, what player needs to do to make the final cut, how he became the Israeli national team coach, and shares lessons learned from grassroots lacrosse organizing in Israel that can be replicated home and abroad. This is a must listen to podcast for those trying to start a program where you are.

Dr. Kevin Leman, How to Let Your Child Select A College

his is a remix of an earlier interview host Fred Opie did with Dr. Kevin Leman a New York Times best-selling author, and a psychologist who has worked with professional and collegiate athletic teams across the country.  In the first half of the show they talk about how to let your student athlete child who's being recruited choose the right college, how to discern coaches who care about more than winning and who will mentor your child the right way instead of exploit their athletic talent to advance their career. In the second half of the show Dr. Leman delves into what he calls reality parenting with an emphasis on

Frank Kelly, The Man Behind FCA Lacrosse

Host Fred Opie speaks with Cornell and Calvert Hall alum Frank Kelly. Kelly is the visionary and man behind the highly successful FCA lacrosse ministry. The growth of the game in Africa and an update on making lacrosse an Olympic sport.