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Food and Weddings Receptions From The Antebellum Period

Strawberry rhubarb cobbler, recipes below
It's June, which is the height of the wedding season, so I decided provide an historical look at weddings and food. Today I am delving into what the available written record says about the south. What follow are scenes of weddings on large plantations.  Often the master class bank rolled the wedding receptions  We know that the wealthy had some wedding receptions indoors in their mansions and some outdoors. Enslaved and free folk as well as white and black family, friends, and neighbors attended these weddings ate together from large buffet table filled with roasted turkey, chickens, pies and cakes—that black cooks prepared. If you’re planning a wedding and you want something old and something knew, try these fruit cobbler recipe as one of your desserts at rehearsal dinner or the wedding reception. Find links to other stories weddings and food with related recipes below. I welcome stories about wedding food you member in the comment section below.

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