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I Scream For Ice Cream!

Good Humor ice cream truck, Washington, D.C., 1942, Courtesy of the Library of Congress Collection 
President Ronald Reagan gets the credit for naming July national ice cream month! We North Americans consume more ice cream than anybody else on the globe. This month I will be doing a historical series on Ice Cream delving into written sources, oral histories, images, and literature. A reader from my hometown inspired me to post this anonymous poem titled simply “Ice Cream Truck.”

Ice Cream Truck
I was at the park as happy as can be,
When I heard that truck, the truck that makes me scream,
"Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Oh boy, ICE CREAM!"
I grab my money and run after the ice cream,
I chase and chase and chase,
till' I hardly had any breath,
I screamed "ICE CREAM!"
and stopped right at the spot
Then slowly and steadly walk slowly back to the park,
Huffing, puffing, with the music in my head,
I sadly dream of ice cream
the creamy taste and coldness,
No ice cream for today,
but tomorrow is the day,
where I get ice cream.

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