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Wish I could have read your book years ago and had the wisdom to put its strategies into action.  There is still time to apply it to my life but my boys will know the book well and at an early age. It provides principles on how to handle their college recruiting and selection process; focusing on finding what their gifts are and working from there.

-Bill Edell, Former UMASS, MLL and NLL lacrosse player and Hall of Famer

What you say in your book about finding my gift, pursuing my passion, and finding inspiration in mentors carried me through my job search. 

- Cindy Sun, Recent College Graduate

Great read! I loved all the lacrosse anecdotes.

-Alexander Gray, Teacher and Coach, Cardigan Mountain School

I lamented not having had this book in my hands earlier in life.

- Beth Weisenborn, Educator and Parent

Your book showed me what my gift is and gave me a plan to monetize it.  

-Robert Roque, College Tennis Player

I like the comparison of your life's journey to that of overhauling and realigning your car. This is a great read.

- Maura Rodino, Parent of a High School Student Athlete

Your book is a modern day primer on how to be successful and live more abundantly. 

-Joe Edell Sr., Father of Former Division 1 Student Athletes

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 In Start With Your Gift, I will help you:

  • Recognize your gift
  • Select mentors
  • Choose the right school, major, and training
  • Consider childhood wounds in need of healing
  • Identify internships
  • Show you how to select jobs 
  • Get your financial house in order
  • Build wealth and live and give like no one else

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