What People Are Saying About Start With Your Gift:

Start With Your Gift was terrific. I can’t stress enough how much I wish this book was in the hands of every high school and college age student, as well as their parents, coaches and mentors. We must get real with having the conversation that not everyone should go to college and until you know what skill you need to develop. How sad is it when an 18 year old who is pushed into college and is not intellectually or emotional prepared and as a result the school or their ask them to leave because of a low GPA and then they are stuck paying back $20, 000 to $40,000 worth of student loan debt!! As a 57 year old woman who has raised three kids to young adulthood, ages 22, 14, and 26, I too have benefited from reading it and now feel better about myself. The lines that really resonated and impacted me were:

“College degrees don’t end feelings of insecurity”
“hurt people hurt people”
“all work is honorable. Get the knowledge you need to exercise your gift and make an impact on the world around you”
“God hardwired everyone with a passion”
— Lisa Kokidko
Start With Your Gift will help improve our career services program. It’s a book to read well beyond the early stages of life’s journey. Well done!
— Andy Phillips, Cornell Lacrosse Alum and Manhasset Youth Lacrosse Volunteer
I like the comparison of your life’s journey to that of overhauling and realigning your car. This is a great read.
— Maura Rodino, Natick Parent
Great read! I loved all the lacrosse anecdotes
— Alex Gray, Teacher and Coach, Cardigan Mountain School
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 In Start With Your Gift, I will help you:

  • Recognize your gift

  • Select mentors

  • Choose the right school, major, and training

  • Consider childhood wounds in need of healing

  • Identify internships

  • Show you how to select jobs

  • Get your financial house in order

  • Build wealth and live and give like no one else

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