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Eating While Poor in Grad School Pt 1

Dinner rolls and soup recipes below (photo from http://www.mystainedapron.com/)
When I returned to Syracuse University to attend graduate school in 1992 allot had changed including that I was now a vegetarian.  The dining halls had become vegetarian friendly with a vegetarian station and soy milk on demand. In edition they had great selections of fresh fruit and cereals. Perhaps most memorable in my book had been the hot delicious dinner rolls! Devoured with melted butter and a bowl of soup, it doesn't get much better than that. The meal plan had been good but not affordable on my graduate school stipend. Second semester I moved off campus and lived in with my cousin Katie. She had retired, lived, alone, and the arrangements proved mutually beneficial. She in my opinion had been one of the best cooks in our family.

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