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Eating While Poor in Grad School Pt 4

Costco coupons
Comprehensive exams (comps) are a set of rigorous oral and or written exams Ph.D. students take after the completion of course work (usually two years of course work). Comps evaluate if a student has mastered vital literature and if so they are ready to begin the research stage of their doctoral studies. Preparing for comps can take several months of intense study. I took comps in colonial North American history, Modern North American history, and colonial Latin America. It’s a very isolated time in one’s graduate studies and allot like basic training in the military. While preparing for comps most grad students only have time for the basics: barely sleeping, bathing, eating, and drinking. Graduate school provided me with some great memories and those years of intense focus on something you are passionate about without distraction are priceless. But I don’t need to prepare the person considering graduate school for the fun and enjoyable times, you will get through those time with no help needed. But details about comps and eating on a low budget, you need to know about before you say I do to a full time Ph.D. program. In this series I have been sharing strategies for surviving these often lean eating years. Clipping coupons is another strategy I used to eat on a low budget as a student.

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