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Cross Over Cooking Part 1

Corn bread, recipe below
 Starting a new series today that looks at cross over cookery around the globe.  My mother tells me that her aunt Maggie from Windsor, North Carolina, made wonderful biscuits, spoon bread, and homes fries using a big old cast-iron skillets. I came across a great story from the WPA's America Eat's project in the University of North Carolina special collections archives about Elizabeth Henry of Garfield Street in New Orleans who people there called the “Queen of Fish Fries.” During the Depression she fried fish in a cast-iron skillet and sold them to raise bail money for folks from her neighborhood. In Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America women have used the cast iron skillet to fry plantains, and make all kinds of fritters. Historically women brandished the cast-iron skillet to defend themselves against intruders and abusive men. The cast-iron skillet is indeed a cross over cooking utensil.  

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