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Eating While Poor in Grad School Pt 5

Customers on line at a LA Food Truck lot (photo from http://thefunfoodie.wordpress.com/)
Part of the doctoral studies process is learning how to do original research. My research topic led me to archives at Stanford, U. C. Berkeley, and UCLA. The Berkeley archives had nothing. But that’s how archival research goes; sometimes you hit a goldmine and other times fool’s gold worth nada. I next traveled to check out the Marcus Garvey Papers housed at UCLA and to check out the special collections at USC. The Garvey Papers proved to be well worth it and came out with sources that I later combined with documents found in the U. S. National Archives, El archivo Nacional in Guatemala City, and the Schomburg Research Center in Harlem to publish articles, chapters, and post about Garveyism and food. Key to eating well cheaply on the west coast had been tapping into the Chicano food scene. Good Food on KCRW, an NPR affiliate in LA has become one of my favorite food shows. It covers the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market with related recipes, food trucks, restaurant reviews, foodways, and the full Monty on the LA food scene.

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