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Eating While Poor in Grad School Pt 3

Enjoying Mexican food with colleagues Peniel Joseph left and Ed Pavlic right
As a graduate student at Syracuse University (SU) in the 1990s, I had a $16,000 stipend to cover all of my expenses and that amount just did not get it done. As a result I had to come up with a strategy to pay the bills. One of the things I did was get a part time job selling footwear at Dick’s Sporting Goods which started as a small bait and tackle shop in Binghamton, New York in 1958. I worked at Dick’s back when it was just expanding; they had less than about five stores and not many outside of Binghamton or Syracuse ever heard of the company. Having money is about having food options; the option to fulfill one's food desires and wants and moving beyond purchasing food necessities. I had recently come from living in Guadalajara, Mexico and that city’s cuisine influenced what and how I ate in when I returned to the United States. Mexican cuisine can be great tasting, inexpensive, healthy and filling. Today enjoying good Mexican food always brings back memories.

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