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When Is A Year Round Club Team Commitment/Tournaments A Good Fit?

Today’s show is based on correspondence with a parent who contacted me to ask my thoughts on enrolling his daughter in a year-round club team commitment. The timing of the question is perfect because club teams are now holding tryouts and enrolling new members. I just completed my first year as a parent with a son and daughter playing on a club. This is a hot button topic but I thought it would be helpful to my listening audience for me to weigh in and share my perspective. After you listened, please share your experiences and thoughts, I'm interested. I

Finally, a call for decluttering/support to those of you who may have boys and girls lacrosse sticks and cleats (soccer, football, lacrosse) in good condition around the house with no one using them. Consider a tax-free donation to Uganda Lacrosse Foundation. In doing so you will help grow the game in Uganda and make a positive difference in the process. Follow the Fred Opie show and the content Fred shares on his website, Twitter and Facebook. Take the time to review the show on You Tube, iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud. If you like what you hear and learn, tell others about it and share and post the link to the show.

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