Fred Opie (PhD) is a Professor of History and Foodways at Babson College. In addition to food history, he debunks school and wealth building myths.

“You are an amazing, empathetic, and engaging professor.”
— Alex Martiros, Babson Student
“Professor Opie motivates you to do your best work and guides you out of your comfort zone so that you grow.”
— Adam Kershner, Babson Alum
“You became my favorite professor because of your care for every individual that enters your classroom.”
— Nick Brown, Babson Alum
“You offer such relevant advice to students.”
— Tori Penta, Babson Alum
“Because of your course, I am a better student and better prepared for life.”
— Quinn Schomp, Babson Student
“You made me question previously held beliefs and allowed me to learn new perspectives.”
— Hallie Lerner, Babson Student