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Food and History in Washington, D. C. Pt 1

Mumbo sauce covered fried chicken and fries, recipe below 
Talking about the findings from social anthropologist Ulf Hannerz, July 1968 field work in Washington, D. C. on soul. Hannerz concluded that soul is something essentially African American, urban, and lower, class. Things with soul have a down home southern origin and soul refers to the early, constant, and intimate exposure to the southern down home experience. Starting in the late 1960s, soul became a symbol of solidarity among the people of the ghetto. The argument from the streets insisted that Soul is superior and those who have it are successful and members of a select group of experts and connoisseurs, particular in cultural productions of soul such as soul music and soul food. Something that is distinctively D. C. and full of soul is mumbo sauce. First appearing in the 1960s, it’s a red condiment allot like barbecue sauce that is tangier and sweeter. Washingtonians use it on fried foods like fried fish, fried chicken, and French fries. I could not find an exact recipe for it but a source I found said it's made from “roughly equal parts of sugar and vinegar, with a bit of ordinary ketchup” with some corn starch added as a thickener and boiled for unspecified time.

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