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Eating While Poor, The Costco Coupon Caper

Some shoppers considers coupons like gold
I am a regular grocery at the Costco and remember an experience at the company's Yonkers, New York store years ago. I inquired at the entrance about if the store had the coupons that they mail out to all members. An employee said yes, “they are like gold man!” He repeated the phrase emphatically, “they are like gold!” He explained, earlier in the week a cop calling fight broke out over Costco Food coupons. While shopping in one of the aisles the first customer stepped away from her carriage with a coupons book inside it to get something off a shelf. The second customer helped herself to the coupons which resulted in a pitched battle in the middle of the Costco. My Costco informant said, the two women “got up in each others’ faces ready to fight!” The first women called the Yonkers police department on her cell phone to report a robbery. When the officers arrived on the scene and the first women demanded the arrest of the coupon thief immediately. One of the officers responded, “Lady if you ever call us again over some Costco food coupons, we will arrest you!” Folks this is a true storey worthy of the 

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