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Molasses and Atlantic World Foodways Series

Bold chili, recipe below
Blackstrap molasses, related recipe below

Today I am starting a new series on the history of molasses with related recipes based on oral and documented history I came across while doing research for my book Hog and Hominy. If you have any molasses based recipes please share them in the comments section below. Historically molasses was labeled as one of the three M’s of southern foodways; meat (salt pork) and meal (corn meal) are the other major staples. Molasses served as a baking ingredient, condiment, cold remedy, and was central to special occasion meals in the South. But what do molasses production and consumption tell us about class and race in the South? Below find a great chili recipe that calls for molasses. You can find molasses in the baking section of most grocery stores. The recipe taste great, its nutritious, economical, and perfect for a cold day like the one we have today in New England. 

Bold vegan chili recipe:

The Asian and African Roots of Molasses

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