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Back to School Series Part 3

As part of our going back to school serious, let's return to a high school experience. As a fund raiser each senior class at Croton Harmon High School (CHHS) in New York's Hudson Valley in the late 1970s sold donuts in the school cafeteria located on the first floor. Not just any donuts but donuts from the legendary Ossining Italian Bakery. One of my rituals in high school consisted of the daily purchase of two doughnuts for $.25 each and an individual small carton of milk for another quarter. The anticipated smell and taste of those delicious freshly baked and recently delivered warm glazed and jelly donuts made me eager to get to school each morning. Today the smell of a great bakery drives my memory back to the CHHS cafeteria and a beeline to purchase two donuts and a carton of milk. 

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