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Food and Away Games at Herk

I will never forget my first Junior College (JUCO) lacrosse season as a freshmen at Herkimer County Community College. In high school teams traveled to away games on yellow school buses. At Herk we travelled in 2 sixteen passenger vans that our coaches drove. During my two years at Herkimer we traveled to Long Island to play Nassau County Community College, West Point, and Hobart College in Geneva, New York. But for reason that I will discuss later, the trip to Syracuse University stands out most in my mind. When we played against colleges and universities, we played the schools B team composed mostly of freshmen. After away games, we packed back into the vans without showering or changing. Funky and hungry we sped off for something to eat. In those days, the college allowed each player a $5 per diem for each meal which would have been fine; but Coach Wehrum did not think highly of fast food restaurants. As a result he had to come up with created ways to feed his teams. For example, he would organize with parents to host at family homes. They would both feed us and bed us in sleeping bags on the floor. Herk’s lacrosse budget made the cost of hotel too expensive for us.
I’d loved to hear about away game food stories from others who played for the great Paul Wehrum. Please share your thoughts and the years you played for him.

Food and Away Games at Herk, Part II

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