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Arundel Ice Cream in Baltimore, Maryland 1920-1950

A hand dipped ice cream cone, recipes below 
Our ongoing series on ice cream takes us to Baltimore, Maryland for a look at the history of the Arundel Ice Cream Company. The Arundel Ice Cream Company started in 1920 in Baltimore with a plant and ice cream store at 683 Washington Blvd. The plant relocated to 300Ba North Smallwood Street in 1931 where it produced both ice cream products and baked goods for its expanding chain of company owned ice cream stores most of them located within the city limits. The company gained its greatest notoriety for selling more “hand-dipped ice cream than any other manufacturer in Maryland” and for its assortment of flavors included for example Black Walnut. Until the late 1950s it also gained a reputation as a company that practiced segregation in its eateries. 

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