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Food and The Civil Rights Movement in Baltimore

Chocolate double dipped ice cream cone, recipe 

In 1954 Arundel Ice Cream Company announced the opening of “Modern Kitchens” featuring “Jewish style” foot long hot dogs, submarine sandwiches, and regular sandwiches, with a Friday and Saturday special “including a jumbo double dip ice cream” and ice cream sodas. The company regularly advertised in the pages of the Baltimore, Afro American, and a paper that catered to African American readers. The placement of the add provides a clue that perhaps the Arundel Ice Cream operated stores in Black Baltimore and segregated ones in white sections of metropolitan Baltimore before 1959. To that clue we had sources that indicate that  in 1959, 156 members of The Civic Interest Group, made of students from Morgan State and Coppin State (two historical black colleges) and Goucher College and Johns Hopkins University (two historical white colleges), along with some local black high school students organized a sit in at an Arundel Ice store in the Northwood Shopping Center not far from Morgan State. Police arrested some protesters but in a short time the student protesters prevailed and the company integrated the facility in March of 1959. Its intriguing to me to see how the civil rights movement at consistent connection to eating in public spaces. 

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