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Remembering DDay Through Victory Gardens Part 2

We celebrated the 70 years since DDay, when the Allied forces sent the largest invasion force into Europe turning the tide of World World II (WWII). During war US food shortages occurred as much of the production went to feed troops fighting overseas. Victory Gardens worked to supplement US food rationing. The gardens became multiethnic spaces in which Jim Crow in the south and de facto Jim Crow in the north did not restrict the collective work of planting and harvesting needed food. Why not resurrect some of these WWII policies?  The unemployed with agricultural and business experience could convert blighted public lots and spaces into relief gardens and then work with local residents interested in creating and operating co-operative gardens. Tax relief could be given to people willing to allow relief gardens on their private property. Public and or private funds could provide local residents with gardening experts, seed, top soil, fencing, gardening tools, training, and kitchen facilities for making soup and canning produce.

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