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Food and New Year’s Resolutions

Candied Pumpkin stuffed with brown betty
It's New Year’s resolution time again when folks try and lose weight. North Americans are historically more overweight than other nations. I interviewed Joan B. Lewis, a member of the American Dietitian Association and a registered dietitian with more than forty years of experience. According to her most North Americans eat too much “sugar, salt, fat, you know fatty products, a whole lot of fried stuff, a whole lot of pork products, a whole lot of fast food”, and not enough vegetables, fruit or grains. Lewis goes on to say that, over the last eight to ten years, the younger generation has “leaned heavily” on “vegetarian items. It was a blessing in disguise” because those that do are consuming less fat and reducing their chance of obesity and risk factors for high blood pressure and diabetes. If you must make a New Year’s resolution, commit to making it a habit to eat more vegetables and fruits.

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