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Dr. Fulton's South Side Store in Chicago

Dr. Alvenia Fulton behind the counter of her business on 53rd Street on the south side of Chicago. Fulton was a juicing advocate; notice the juicer in front of her (photo circa 1979) 
In 1958 Dr. Alvenia Fulton (1893 to 1999) started Fultonia Health and Fasting Institute on Chicago’s South Side. This combination health food store, restaurant, and herbal pharmacy, was a business in a rough part of the city and it was “a kind of hodgepodge” of health foods and alternative health products. Dr. Eileen Silva, a doctor of naturopathy, described the store as a “homespun kitchen that exploded all over the place.” It was not like any other health food store that you saw.  Fulton’s store became well-known for the sale of herb and vitamin pills, and the potions and solutions that she mixed. Her  expertise attracted noted athletes like Muhammad Ali, Gale Sayers, and Bill Walton. Entertainers Godfrey Cambridge, singers Eartha Kitt and Roberta Flack, gospel artist Mahalia Jackson, and Redd Foxx also made their way to the store. contact me if you have information to share about Dr. Fulton and her store.

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