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Native American Foodways: More On Beans

Black bean salad, this and other recipes below 

This is part two of a post I started yesterday focused on beans. It’s part of the larger series I am doing Native American foodways. Native Americans ate beans in number of ways including soaking them and then baking, boiling, or pulverizing them. They also first parched or toasted beans to make it easier to grind them into a powder or flour used for fast bean dishes. We know for examples Native Americans in Mesoamerica smashed boiled beans and then refried them before eating them with corn tortillas often garnished with salsa made with tomatoes, wild onions, and different types of chilies. They also added corn dough to boiled beans as a thickener also eating them with tortillas.  Serving tortillas with beans had a nutritional and practical benefit because one could easily pick up the beans with the tortillas similarly how West Africans used foo foo to eat soups and stews and obtain necessary nutrients. Tortillas and beans and beans and toasted squash seeds accompanied with onion and chilies greens represented a common combination in the Mayan and Aztec world that bordered each other. Reminiscent of the Mesoamerican tamale, the Choctaw women of Mississippi folded beans, white potatoes, and hickory smoked meat and into cornmeal masa or dough, wrapped the mixture in shucks of corn, and boiled them to make their staple bread they called bunaha.

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