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Satchmo's School Lunch in New Orleans: Back To School Series Part 1

Louis Armstrong at the Aquarium in New York 1946, Photographer Bill Gottlieb (Courtesy of the Library of Congress), related links and recipes below
Summer vacation is just about over and my two children return to elementary school this week. In addition, both my wife and I are professors and the first days of classes at our college also start this week. As two working parents we divide our tasks and I as the foodie in the family make breakfast, school snacks, and lunches for my children. Coming up with delicious and eye pleasing food for them is challenging and particularly so because we are committed to eating nutritious food and when they get to school they are comparing and contrasting what I prepare for them with parents wedded to the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is most often SAD sweet, salty, and fatty heavily processed foods. As a blogger interested in staying relevant so I’m launching a back to school and work series.  I’ve uncovered allot of sources on the topic during more than ten years of archival research. Some of the post will be part memoir revisiting my childhood and colleges days. Today let’s turn to one of my favorite foodies—Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong. Talking about his childhood in New Orleans and his mother, Armstrong writes, “When Mayann was living with stepfather Tom [who] was working at the DeSoto Hotel on Barrone and Perdido Streets. When he came home he brought with him a lot of ‘broken arms’ which were the leftovers from the tables he served. From them Mayann would fix a delicious lunch for me which I took to school when her work kept her away from home all day long. When I undid these wonders in the schoolyard, all the kids would gather around me like hungry wolves. It did not take them long to discover what I had: the best steaks, chops, chicken, eggs, a little of everything that was good.”

Children’s breakfast, lunch, and snack ideas: 

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