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Eating While Poor, Returning to School

Strawberry syrup and corn bread recipes below

Here is another installment in our series Eating While Poor (link to the series below). During economic recessions those who can afford to return to school to retool themselves for another job and/or career. Some desire a degree for the title. That kind of motivation will not sustain most people when school becomes difficult. Earning a degree means lots of late-night early-morning reading and preparing for class as well as exams and team projects. Furthermore, it can mean years of roughing it food wise because you are poor; at least that was my case going to graduate school. I learned how to cook with what I had and continue to cook the same way today even though I have more options. for example, I've learned make strawberry syrup from boiling down water and sugar to which I add bit of strawberry gelatin powder, and then two cups of cut up frozen strawberries and let it cook down into a syrup. I serve it with cornbread saturated with some strawberry syrup and topped with vanilla yogurt, added a bit more strawberry syrup, and then topped it all off with some toasted pecan bits. 

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