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Kitchen Series, Part 3 The Essentials

Mango salsa and other recipes below
As a graduate student I rented an apartment in Guatemala City to do archival research there. I hit the stores in Guatemala City for kitchen essentials comparing prices before purchasing a pressure cooker to make beans and greens, a baking sheet for making cookies, flat sheets pies, and baking and roasting vegetables. I also purchased a large cast-iron skillet with a cover which is one of the most versatile cooking items a small kitchen could have. These skillets are great for sautéing, frying, and baking. I used my for making vegetables, pancakes, rice, refried beans, and baking corn bread, biscuits, and pies I bought a blender essential in my world for smoothies, red and green salsa, and tomato sauce for lasagna. I stocked up on different sized metal mixing bowls for baking and making salads purchased a spatula, and a good old fashioned wooden spoon for stove top cooking and baking. 

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