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Historic Poems and Food Series: Jambalaya

Louisiana Jambalaya, recipes below (photo from http://surprisinglyfunctional.wordpress.com/)  
Poet Patrick Mackeown has a very interesting background, diverse in both culture and experiences. Mackeown was born in 1966 in London, England and raised in Turkey, Wales, and various parts of England. Educated as a philosopher, he has worked as a salesman, computer operator, internet technician, and a chef as he developed is writing chops. Mackeown’s poem below about Louisiana Jambalaya is not particularly historic, but jambalaya is and his history as a chef gives him creditability with this food historian.

Louisiana Jambalaya Giant Bird Chew
Louisiana, Jambalaya Capital of the World
Recipes that kings envy are here unfurled
Crayfish and sausage, oysters and shrimp
Combinations making hardy tastebuds limp

Onions, green, and cayenne peppers too
Smartly julienned and added to the stew
Simmer gently, relax and have fun
But mindful your creation is not overdone

Jambalaya originates from Spanish paella
Creole kitchen-sink wizardry at Cafe Bella
New Orleans Red Jambalaya smokey and hot
On account of Tasso-spice-pork that it's got

Jambalaya is for parties and family days
See from my descriptions its myriad ways
The creation a timeless testament living
Sharingcelebrations with bountiful giving

Patrick Mackeown link: http://www.patrick-mackeown.com/

My grandfather’s Louisiana Jambalaya: http://www.jerryodom.com/jambalaya.html

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