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WPA Writing on New York City Foodways

Pasteles or Puerto Rican-style tamales, this and other recipes below
As a result of de facto segregation, African Americans and Latinos in New York City developed a vibrant nightlife, with amazing restaurants and jazz clubs where they could socialize. According to one WPA report they frequented some of the same restaurants and clubs during the 1930s many of them in Harlem and Spanish Harlem. These eateries did their best business on weekends between 1 and 4 A.M., when “the merrymakers once more crowd[ed] the restaurant as soon as the theatre and the dance halls [were] closed” says one WPA writer from the America Eats Project. In Spanish Harlem, musicians and clubbers ordered tons of pasteles or Puerto Rican–style tamales made from stuffed mashed green plantains poultry, meat, and or vegetables such as pepper, olives, and capers. 

WPA America Eats Stories & Recipes: http://www.foodasalens.com/search?q=America+Eats

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