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Pentecost, Pinkster, and Piece of Culinary History Part 1

Gingerbread muffin, recipe below
Tomorrow is Pinkster, a Pentecost holiday celebrated seven weeks after Easter when the Holy Spirit began his ministry on earth as described in the first chapter of the book of Acts. First celebrated for several days in 1620, it represented a Holiday that Dutch settlers introduced to colonial America where they had the greatest concentration. They introduced enslaved Africans and introduced them to this Christian holiday which included parades and festivals. Overtime Africans co-opted Pinkster transforming it for their own needs such as a break from the harsh realities of slave labor and an opportunity to socialize and earn money from the sale of beer, gingerbread, and pies during the festivities. 

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Gingerbread Recipe: http://www.all-creatures.org/mhvs/recipes-gingerbread.

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