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Gourds and Tubers Series: Part 6 Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

Potato and lamb croquettes, this and a vegetarian potato croquette recipe below (photo courtesy of http://www.afternoonrecipes.com/amazingly-delicious-fish-croquettes/)
Professional chiefs are always trying to reduce the amount of food they are throwing away and thereby reduce their expenses by creatively inventing ways to use leftover; I encourage my readers to do the same in their homes. So what to do with our Easter dinner leftovers? Here are some ideas from the childhood culinary memories of Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The first African American to serve in the U. S. Congress (1945 to 1971) representing Harlem, Powell grew up as a preacher's kid in Harlem's famed Abyssinian Baptist Church. He said that is mother set the family menu based on “the law of diminishing returns. That is, whatever was bought for Sunday was bought with the objective that it should last in some form until Friday or Saturday, and it did.” A lot of folks served lamb yesterday on Easter Sunday and are wondering what to make of it thereafter. For Mrs. Powell, a native of Christiansburg, Virginia, “A fifteen-pound leg of mutton on a Sunday ended up on Friday or Saturday as lamb croquettes; during the intervening days it appeared as a ragout, stew, hash, and various and sundry other inventions,” recalls or her son Adam. Here are some related recipes that this story inspires. 

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