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A Culinary Look at Women in History: Incan Women and the Colombian Exchange

Aji de Gallina, A Peruvian spicy creamed chicken dish/, recipe below

Long before Francisco Pizarro and his band of Spanish conquistadors arrived in Peru, Inca women shaped the foodways of the Andean region from modern-day Peru, Ecuador, western and south central Bolivia, northern Chile, northwest Argentina and southern Colombia. With the Spanish conquest of the Incan empire in 1532, the material food culture Inca women had to trade in markets and prepare as food increased particularly with the addition of new animals like news species of poultry. While the typical chicken did not exist in Peru until after the conquest, Inca women did prepare a poultry dish with a local variety called the hualpa. Below is a traditional Andean poultry and rice recipe the Inca named after the last Inca leader Atahualpa. It’s made with thin roasted chicken strips covered in a creamy yellow spicy sauce and served over rice. There are plenty of vegan poultry substitutes you can use to make this recipe.

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