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Portuguese Food History and Futbol

Portuguese Piri piri chicken and tomato salad, recipes below
The US national team pulled off a stunning 2-2 tie against perennial futball power Portugal in World Cup play in Brazil. We've been taking a look at the 2014 World Cup through the lens of food, and today we talk about Portuguese food history.The Portuguese represented one of the first European nation states to indulge in spicy hot flavors thanks to the Moorish colonization of the Iberian Peninsula in 718. By the 1470s, a newly independent Portugal established trading strong holds on the West coast of Africa and began importing African peppers to Europe through its principal port at Lisbon. Hot spices slowly made their way across Europe where they became symbols of wealth among elites. Portugal has been a leader in the kitchen as well as on the futball pitch.

Piri piri chicken recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/chicken-recipes/piri-piri-chicken-dressed-potatoes-rocke

Vegetarian potato patties with a salad and piri piri sauce recipe: http://www.foodista.com/recipe/M5ZBHLZ5/vegetarian-potato-patties-with-a-salad-piri-piri-sauce

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