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A Food Writer's Father's Dad Poem

For father’s day I decided to share a I poem I wrote for my Father in September of 2007. He had just been diagnosed with terminal cancer and so many memories overwhelmed me as road the train from work to see him at Sloan Kettering Hospital in New York City. My father asked me to speak at his memorial service. Despite being professional speaker, that served as one of the most difficult talks I have ever given This is the food related part of what I shared on that day in April of 2008. Happy Father’s day:

New Book, Southern Food and Civil Rights

What prompted you to write this book?
The idea for the book came from an NPR segment from the Kitchen Sisters, Nikki Silva and Davia Nelson, and their series which they call Hidden Kitchens. I listened to a story about Georgia Gilmore's hidden Kitchen contribution to the success of the Montgomery Bus Boycott. From there I started doing research on the role of food in social movements and wrote about it on my blog in a series I call Feeding the Revolution. 

The May Breakfast Brigade Part 2

Elizabeth began planning the menu for the May breakfast. Her fruit cellar still contained a wide variety of jellies and preserves, many of them put aside at the time of their making, for this particular event. The wild strawberries, preserved on the glass by the heat of the sun’s rays, for instance, were a delicacy which the family had enjoyed only at Thanksgiving and Christmas practices.