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Apples in Abundance Part 4

Apple Pie, this and other pie recipes below

Improvements in my ability to consistently bake good pies started when I did field work as a graduated student in Guatemala.  I shopped on market days in zone 1 in Guatemala City where I rented an apartment. Most of what I purchased farmers picked the morning of or the night before market day--good pies begin with good ingredients.  I met a North American family working in Guate as missionaries who invited me over from dinner. From the wife I learned how make pie crust from scratch. Butter worked into your preferred flour, fiber added to the crust to make Dr. Oz and your colon happy, and just enough iced water to hold it together. One of the keys is, don’t over handle the dough as you mix it together. I eat pie for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the extra pies I freeze. I made allot of bad pies  before they started coming good enough to serve to others. Like most skills in life you have to practice. 

Food in Colonial America

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