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Africa in Culinary Context, Kibbeh

Kibbeh balls made with pine nuts, recipe below captio

Kibbeh balls made with pine nuts, recipe below captio

Some have traced the Ebola outbreak in West Africa to the consumption of bush meat (wild game) in this instance bats which in some regions people consider them a delicacy - they are must lager than the typical bat in other parts of the world. In this series we provide historical context to the people and regions inundated with the Ebola scourge many of which are Mande. Mande speakers (also identified in historical documents as Mandingo and Mandinka) lived in the geographic area of present-day Liberia. The Mande made a dish called kibbeh which is a ball or torpedo-shaped fried croquette stuffed with minced lamb. “So delicious did I find it,” writes traveler Theodore Canot in the 1800s, “that, even at this distance of time, my mouth waters when I remember the forced meat balls of mutton, minced with roasted ground nuts, that I devoured that night in the Mandingo town of Kya.” 


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