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Fish Fridays in Florida

Okra Gumbo with Shrimp, recipes below (Courtesy of  http://thepapershell.com/okra-gumbo-with-shrimp/)
James Weldon Johnson made a name for himself in several fields. He served as one of the first editors of the NACCP magazine the Crisis; he composed the Negro National anthem Lift Every Song and Sing, and became one of the first African American to serve as an U. S. Ambassador serving in Venezuela and Nicaragua at the turn of the century. But people forget that Johnson, of Caribbean descent, came from Jacksonville, Florida and he loved to talk about his grandma's cooking. His Grandmother came from Nassau in the Bahamas and she lived with his family in Jacksonville and did most of the cooking. “She was a good cook,” says Johnson, “especially skillful in the preparation of ” pilaus, stews, and gumbos. “We talk a great deal about impressions made upon us in childhood that influences us through life,” says Johnson, “but we seldom recognize the importance of the states formed for the things we loved to eat. . . .”

Okra Gumbo Recipe 

1 quart of okra
1 can of tomatoes or six medium fresh tomatoes
2 tablespoons of bacon fat
3 medium slices of ham cut in small pieces
1 teaspoon salt
Pepper to taste

Wash okra with stiff brush, cut in slices. Mix okra with tomatoes and meat; add seasoning and cook in double boiler for twenty minutes. If using fresh tomatoes, scald tomatoes until skins break, peel and cut in small pieces; proceed with same process as using canned tomatoes. Serve over butted rice. (Courtesy of the Baltimore Afro-American, May 14, 1938)

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