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Eating While Poor in Grad School Pt 2

Guadalajara mini pecan pies, recipe below
The majority of graduate school students I met experienced the same semi-starvation existence that I went through. That is especially the case with those of us who were working toward doctorate degrees because in most disciplines getting a Ph.D. is a long and grinding five to seven year marathon, at least in the social sciences. That was the case for me and my colleagues in the history department in the Maxwell School and for other Ph.D. students in professional schools across the campus at Syracuse University. It was also the case among graduate students I met at conferences and out doing field work. Presenting a paper at conference held out the benefit of eating well for the two to three days that a conference lasted. The deal at most universities is if you present a paper on a panel at academic conference, your institution will cover your fees: conference fees, travel and lodging, and provide a food per diem. We would get something like $7 for breakfast, $12 for lunch, and $20 for dinner. The same is true when you are out doing field work like collecting oral histories or searching for sources in archives. The first time I presented at a conference was in 1997 Guadalajara, Mexico at the annual meeting of the Latin American Studies Association (LASA). This is a city I know well because it’s where I lived while learning Spanish.

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