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Becoming a Mike Woicik Disciple

Some of the best pancakes I ever had were at a old traditional dinner down on South Salina Street in Syracuse, New York, right off of US I 81
In summer of 1983, I had just come off of knee surgery. I the time I just received a scholarship to play lacrosse at Syracuse University (SU).  I felt like a failure because I came to campus still unable to play and very out of shape. The trainers made it clear to me that my knees would get better as continued rehab. I struck up a friendship with then SU strength coach Mike Woicik and became a fan of lifting weights, the Philadelphia sound of Blue Magic, and one of his many favorite eating holes--a throwback working class dinner down on South Salina Street.  For very little money, you could order more pancakes or French toast (with your choice of sausage or bacon) than a SU linemen could eat! I became a Woicik disciple in the weight room, on the turn table, and eating around the city of Syracuse.  Mike would later move on to become an NFL strength coach. He holds the record for NFL coaches with the most Super Bowl rings; 3 with the Dallas Cowboys and 3 with the New England Patriots.

Syracuse University Food Stories and Recipes: http://www.foodasalens.com/search?q=Syracuse+University

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