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Bill Lynch, The Potato Farmer's Son Part 2

Here is part two of my profile on Bill Lynch, the son of Suffolk County, Long Island potato farmer who went on to become a noted Democratic party political strategist. Bill passed in August of 2013. He served as chief of staff for the last Democratic mayor of New York, David Dinkins and today is Election Day in the big apple. As I got ready to leave Bill Lynch’s office, I asked him if I could do more interviews with him with the goal of writing a biography. I knew he was ill and asked if we could do this as soon as possible after I finished the current book project. He responded “there no rush I'll be around.” After the interview with Bill, other noted political operatives and union officials agreed to interviews; before then many did not return my call. I hope some grad student looking for a dissertation topic reads this and runs with the idea writing his biography. Bill ran his first political campaign for a high school classmate on Long Island when the two of them were high school students in Suffolk County; he attended Virginia Union, a historically black college near Richmond Virginia, where his life as an activist, organizer, and political strategist began in the 1960s. The 2013 Democratic candidate for mayor of New York City Bill de Blasio has a similar background: he got his start as a student activist at NYU. After graduating from NYU he went on to work for a Maryland-based nonprofit organizing food and clothing donations for Nicaragua during the time of the leftist Sandinista controlled government of that Central American country. De Blasio later went on to work on the Dinkins' campaign and then in the Dinkins' administration.

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