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Back to School Series, Part 3 Pizza, Wings, and Barbecue

Original Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse, started in 1983

When I attended Syracuse University in the early 1980s the food scene around campus could best be described as typical college fare. M Street—Marshall Street had a block of eateries and bars walking distance from north campus with several pizza places however upstate pizza had much to be desire.  They tell me it's the altitude that messes up the chemistry of making great pizza like that which I grow up with just outside of New York City and Westchester County. Syracuse however makes up for it in some great buffalo wings joints. Just about every place sold Buffalo wings with its name emanating from just northwest of the city and frigid Buffalo, New York. Recently the Dinosaur Barbecue in Syracuse has put the city on the map. Three bikers started the business in 1983. Today the city is known for both the barbecue joint and a great lacrosse program with many national championships.

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