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Apples Everywhere, Part 2 Poetry

Apple Dumpling, recipes below 
We started a series yesterday on apples. here is part two which looks at apples through poetry. My father loved poetry and my children who are in elementary school both show an avid interest in writing poetry. You'll find links to other stories below with related recipes. 

The Apple Dumplings and a King

"Very astonishing indeed! strange thing!"

(Turning the Dumpling round, rejoined the King),

"'Tis most extraordinary, then, all this is;

It beats Penetti's conjuring all to pieces;

Strange I should never of a Dumpling dream!

But, Goody, tell me where, where, where's the Seam?"

"Sire, there's no Seam," quoth she; "I never knew

That folks did Apple-Dumplings sew."

"No!" cried the staring Monarch with a grin;

"How, how the devil got the Apple in?"
By Dr. John Wolcot (1738-1819)

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