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"Telling them about the Dream Martin, Tell Them about the Dream"

Mahalia Jackson singing at the March on Washington in 1963 (photo from http://www.forensicgenealogy.info/index.html
In the 1960s, gospel singing superstar Mahalia Jackson invested in a short-lived soul food restaurant franchise. According to Clarence Jones, who helped draft Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.original March on Washington keynote speech, Jackson who was King's favorite gospel singer inspired the final rendition of his message. Jackson sang at the march on Washington before King spoke. While he delivered the original speech, Jackson turned to him and said, “tell them about the dream, Martin. Tell them about the dream” (she had heard King talk about his dream on a previous occasion). King paused and pushed "the text of the speech aside, grabbed the podium," started preaching, and "captured lightning in a bottle,” says Jones.

Mahalia Jackson Performing at the March on Washington:
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