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Celebrities in the Food Business, James Brown

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Coleslaw, recipe below (Photo from jarvisfarm.com)
Born and raised in Augusta, Georgia, singer, songwriter, and choreographer James Brown is considered the undisputed Godfather of soul. In 1969 Brown entered a soul food restaurant franchising business called “Gold Platter.” At the time, Brown earned 4.5 million a year from his own production company, record label, three radio stations, apartment buildings, and share in a securities firm, According to a 1969 Jet magazine article, “Soul Brother No. 1” went into business with “a group of white Georgia businessmen in Macon.” Brown insisted that “providing investment and job opportunities for members of minority races,” represented one of his central goals. Like Barry Gordy’s Motown Records, Brown wanted his restaurants to have crossover appeal. In the late 1960s, Brown represented one of a number of African American celebs who used their brand names to launch restaurant franchises. Brown’s Gold Platter menu featured fried chicken, French fries, coleslaw, cornbread, catfish with hush puppies, and hamburgers. For unknown reasons, Brown’s soul food chain never made it past the experimental phase which two locations in Macon. 

Cabbage and Sweet Potato Coleslaw Recipe: http://jarvisfarm.com/cabbage-and-sweet-potato-slaw/

Celebrities in the Food Business, Muhammad Ali

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