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Go Fish, African Survivals in Jamaica

Fishpot of split bamboo, Brailsford, Jamaica, circa 1808 to 1816, recipes below
Scottish explorer Mungo Park (1771-1806) traveled through Mandingo country in Gambia, West Africa. During “the dry season, the people who live in the vicinity of the large rivers employ themselves chiefly in fishing,” he writes. The fish they caught “are prepared for sale in different ways. The most common is by pounding them entire as they come from the stream in a wooden mortar, and exposing them to dry in the sun . . . . this preparation is esteemed as a luxury, and sold to considerable advantage.” The culinary transition to slavery in Jamaica for the Mande and other West and Central Africans was not as difficult for a people cooking with similar ingredients in Africa before captivity. In Jamaica, planters supplied slaves with weekly rations of salt cod but slaves also made time to fish and negotiated access to small parcels of land set aside to cultivate produce like ackee. 

Ackee and Codfish Recipe: [Watch Now 4 min 22 sec] http://www.jamaicatravelandculture.com/food_and_drink/ackee_and_saltfish.htm

Ackee and codfish with fried dumplings: http://www.jehancancook.com/?p=1679

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