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Childhood Food Memories, A Revolutionary Breakfast

  Article in the Black Panther Newspaper, 1971
During the 1960s and 1970s, Black Panther Party chapters across the United States operated a free breakfast program for poor children. In 1969 Party leader Huey P. Newton, the leader of the left of center revolutionary group said, “It is a beautiful sight to see our children eat in the mornings after remembering the times when our stomachs were not full, and even the teachers in the schools say that there is a great improvement in the academic skills of the children that do get the breakfast. At one time there were children that passed out in class from hunger, or had to be sent home for something to eat. But our children shall be fed, and the Black Panther Party will not let the malady of hunger keep our children down any longer.”

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Childhood Food Memories and Chicken and Dumplings

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