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Oral Traditions and Sacred Food Part 2

Crockpot Red Potatoes, recipe below
In the early 20th century rural South, most ate much smaller portions, ate very little meat, and did hard labor from dawn to dusk six days a week. As a result, obesity had not been a problem for most. The consumption of large amounts of food occurred on special occasions like Easter. Thus people naturally associated rich foods and heavy eating with religious celebrations.  Food as a part of religious celebration represents an important similarity between African, European, and Native American traditions at the turn-of-the-century.  Here is an Easter side dish that’s easy to make and feeds allot of hungry mouths.

Crockpot Red Potatoes

25 small red potatoes
1 can vegetable broth (chicken broth for you carnivores)
3 tablespoons butter substitute
garlic powder
season salt
lemon pepper
dry parsley

Put potatoes in crockpot and throw in broth and seasonings to taste. Cook on low for 7-8 hrs.

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