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Food and Guns Part 4

1922 photo, courtesy of the Library of Congress
For centuries, North Americans, and in particular rural folk have and cooked and eaten wild game hunted with guns.  Speaking of the 1940s and 1950s, South Carolinian Verta Mae Smart-Grosvenor recalls that, I had “been oiling and shooting guns and rifles since I was very young.”  She and her relatives” use to go hunting and bring back all kind of animals—squirrels, rabbits, possums, coons, anything they” could clean and cook.  She goes on to say, “One of my favorite meals after a hunting trip was grits and .  . .  Smothered rabbit.”  She grew up in a southern home eating “squirrel, venison, stewed coon, grilled quail, bear paw, and gator tail.”

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