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Dooky Chase's Restaurant In New Orleans Part 5

Dooky Chase's Restaurant located at 2301 Orleans Ave in New Orleans 

 Dooky Chase's restaurant is located in New Orleans' historic African American Treme neighborhood. Since the 1940s it has prepared excellent Creole de Colour soul food. As you can see from the first photo above, from the exterior of the restaurant you would have no idea of how much this place is a diamond in the rough. Owner and Chief Leah Chase made her down home restaurant also into an incredible art gallery. Over the years the walls of Dooky Chase have been decorated with the works of notable African American artist such as John Scott, Elizabeth Catlett, Bruce Brice, John Biggers, and Charles Simms. Below are portraits found in the dinning spaces within the restaurant so you can a taste of the restaurants wonderful aesthetics. 

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